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  1. Unionlever (Group) Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    Pin Drive Roller Kelly Bushing
    product name: Roller Kelly Bushing
    Roller Kelly Bushing
    The Roller Kelly Bushing is an essential drilling tool, can be equipped with
    turntable slips, so as to drive Kelly bar. The tool reduces its friction with 
    Kelly bar by the rolling of four rollers in order to prolong its life. As for the 
    square or hexagon Kelly bar, they connect with all kinds of turntables 
    by changing roller, with two drive methods, namely, square rolling and pin 
    shaft rolling. The Roller Kelly Bushing is simple in operation, convenient 
    in installation and perfect in safety performance. It can be applied to rotary 
    table from 17 1/2” to 49 1/2”.
    The Roller Kelly Bushing consists of top cover, base, axis, needle bearing, 
    sealing body, roller, binding bolt, and refuel cup. The needle bearing within 
    the roller is being installed on axis which both ends compact between top 
    cover and base. There is interval 3mm between top cover and base, in order 
    to give full play to pressing force formed by four big kingbolts M38. The refuel 
    cup lying on axis end injects grease into needle bearing at regular intervals. 
    In order to prevent the sealing body from penetrating and protect the needle 
    bearing, the inner-outer O type circle must be installed on the both ends of 
    the roller. Fasten pin lying on the top of sealing body prevents it from rotating,
    and inlays inside seam allowance of up base.
    Specification of Roller Kelly Bushing
    Kelly Size
    Elevation (mm)
    Bedplate Size
    Opposite Side
    Large End
    3 1/2
    4 1/4
    5 1/4


    How to order the Roller Kelly Bushing

    When ordering, please specify:
    • Name and part number of assembly

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